I went to the music store a while ago and I got to try Dual Rectifier combo. When the guy set me up with it on distortion there was a whole lot of loud noise and feedback, the volume was on about 1.5 (still freaking loud). I could barely play on it because every time I didn't have all the strings muted it would ring out.
So I guess this is normal and everyone just learns to play with it like that? Or is it possible for the amp to stay perfectly quiet without muting the stings? I dunno.
I've hardly had experience with high end amps or guitars.
I was using a Ibanez S470DXQM straight to the amp with a four foot cord.
ISP Decimator, it will work wonders.

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usually hi-gain amps give off some buzz and feedback, but the amount of it differs from a lot of things:

single coil pickups and high gain usually make for a lot of noise.
interference from powerlines/transformers can make a very quiet amp very buzzy.
tubes (in this case) can start to go faulty and become very noisy.
if you use too much gain, it can just go out of control.
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leads will have aLOT to do with ****ty noise. a good lead is where alot of that excess crap wont shine thru as much.

high gain amps such as that will always have some form of noise/static/hum. you think 1.5 is loud? try it on 6 when the valves are hot and tell me how friggin awesome that is.

i have a 100w valve Laney VH100R, and i use good leads, a good guitar with EMG's and yes i get a lil bit of noise. keep in mind you were probably sitting right next to the amp in the store, whereas i stand back a bit to avoid feedback.

High end amps are fantastic but just like other instruments you have to learn how to care/maintain and interact with them.

dont stress.
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Your problem is probably using a 4 ft cord. At high volume, you can't really sit in front of the amp, because the pickup is getting a lot of unwanted signal & noise that close to the speakers. Get a longer cord first, & move away a bit. Also, there is a learning curve to playing loud close to the amp (some stages are tiny), but that's when a noise gate is a virtual necessity, although I've done it without one many times. You have to get optimum positioning & be quick on the volume knob !!

Edit: I re-read the first post, & the only way I can think of to prevent noise with UNMUTED strings is with a noise gate. I always mute the strings when trying to control noise & feedback.
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I'm not sure, but I have a Twin Reverb which is powerful in it's own right. I keep the volume under two for bedroom playing or else it's too loud. It's very clean so it doesn't do anything when you don't play, but it's kind of the smae effect when I put my Casino through it. The pups are real microphonic and it feedsback. You just keep the volume rolled back when your not playing or hold down the strings.
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^yeah Riffhog - learning to palm mute will help and you'll find yourself resting the back pinky side of your hand on there all the time when not playing or resting. Habbit. Otherwise, you turn your guitar volume down or off.

Other factor as mentioned also come into play. Single Coils, bad lead cable, no noise gate, multiple things plugged in all around you, too close to amp, etc as mentioned.

Well, if you have independent volume controls for each pup and you never use the other pup (assuming you have 2) you can set the volume on the one you don't use to 0 and just engage the muted pickup when you don't want any noise.
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