I have been playing for 3 months now and i'm getting bored of playing songs and would like to write a blues song. I have learnt a bit of theory about writing in keys and what chords work together and chord progressions.

1.Im make the key of the song in Am and I'm going to use 12 bar blues (Am,Dm,Emaj) should i use dominant 7th chords for any of them?
2.What scale should i use to solo in?
3.should i learn the scale all over the neck or just in box position to keep it simple?
4.any idea on how to fit the lyrics to the chords?
5.suggest a strumming patern?

incase you need to know i know the pentatonic minor,blues,major(Ionian) scales but only in basic box position.

Thanks a lot for your answers.
If your playing in mostly Am then try hte A minor Pentatonic, but and octave up for your soloing.
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