Ha, the guitarist for jingle bombs is Synyster Gate's father
The Pit. The Movie.
Isn't that comedy for mentally challenged people?
Quote by DrPants PhD
I never found achmed funny. I don't get why people love that video.

me neither its like the lowest brow humor relating to terrorists ever .
i hate this video its retarded.
yeah really, not very funny
Quote by spazzymagee417
i would pay more for a midget corpse than an average size corpse
It's more racist than anything. It's funny for less than a minute. Then after that it's just boring and the same thing over and over again.
Quote by thegreensquall
ok so one time i was totally wanking and then my mom walked in and my cat was in my room... she knocked first so i grabbed my cat and put it on my lap and started petting it to cover up but then i jizzed on my cat..
I love that.

Why does everyone hate Achmed....

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