I have a Peavey TNT 130 at my house that I don't use and is not mine so I don't know the specifics or anything....
But the last time we were jamming, after about 2 hours it stopped working and started to only put out a constant humming noise.

If you turn the amp off for a bit and turn it back on it starts working again as long as the volume stays very low, but if you turn it up the signal cuts out and the humming returns....
When the amp is humming putting the patch cord in or out doesn't make any sort of sound.

There is a yellow "comp." light beside the red power light and when the humming starts to happen the comp light is always on.

We don't want to spend too much money on it since its an old amp of our drummers friend but we dont have any other options at the moment....

Does anyone what the problem could be and how to fix it?

Does anyone have any idea of how to fix this problem?
We just wanna jam one more time before my friends leave for school next week..
I've opened it up and all the wires seem to be connected, so is the speaker.
But I know next to nothing about electronics so I could be wrong
No if the wires look ok its not the wires. I had a Marshall MG15CDR do this to me ages ago, and it had a burnt out capacitor on the PCB, however I don't suggest you go into the guts of the amp. Something about the smell of the inside of a guitar amp makes me go "I really should not be in here, it is dangerous".
hahah, yeah I'm trying not to touch anything while its plugged in...
Did you get your marshall fixed?
Do you know how much it costs?
I was thinking earlier it might be the fuse which I could replace easily but since it works sometimes at low volumes I'm not so sure because i was under the impression that when a fuse blows it doesn't work at all....
but again, I know nothing about electronics
The Marshall got fixed, but that was because I had had it a matter of days when it blew.

And you are right about fuses blowing, I doubt any sound would come out the amp, a hum is more promising than silence!
might have to get some professional help on this thing
Thanks for your help though Meddled, really appreciate it

If anyones got any other clues I'd really appreciate that too....
No problem, I didn't think I helped, we didn't get the to heart of the problem!

BTW this happened again later to my MG, because a mate knocked it over onto the knobs, and the knobs took such a hit against the floor the potentiometers were broken off the internal pcb.
potentiometers? internal pcb?
I don't recall it ever taking a fall or anything like that, we were pretty careful with it since its pretty beaten up already.
I guess all sorts of stuff could be wrong with it
Where in the world are you based? If it happens to be scotland at all, I can put you in touch with a very good amp tech.

I suspect that its a componant on the printed circuit board(PCB) thats gone bad. I think it might be a capacitor, but cant be sure without seeing the amp. If your feeling capable, then pop the chassis out and have a quick look at the circuit board. A burnt out componant will most likely be blackened, like it has been covered in soot.

Chances are you wont see anything, but its worth opening it up and having a quick look if you want to. Take pics if you do open it up.
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I already have it opened sitting in my garage, I didn't see anything burnt before but I'll take another look. I'll try to take some pics too but the usb ports on my comp don't seem to be working lately so I'll have to find another way to upload them...

I live in Canada so I'm afraid I won't be able to reach your tech, thanks a lot though, I'll get back to you once I take another look at the thing
I couldn't find anything that looked burnt in it, although I didn't open the little black box type thing that said 'peavey electronics' on it, couldn't smell anything burnt either.... I'll see if I can get some pics up later
hahah, I actually play guitar so there wouldn't be much sense in me getting a bass amp
That's the only reason we wanna get this fixed is cause my drummer and bassist are leaving for school next week so there's not much point in us investing in equipment at this point, just trying to get our old **** boxes to give us one more session....
hey, kind of off topic, i own a peavey kb100 and play bass through it. it has a yellow "comp" light on the front panel. What does comp mean? What does that mean when its on? When i play with my band, sometimes the light comes on. is this bad for the amp? is it bad if i turn it up so loud thats its on all the time i play? Any input is appreciated. thanks alot!
the comp thing could be an onboard compressor. Often bass amps have built in compressors...
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