Ok, so here's the deal. For my 11th grade filmmaking class, we have to film a movie, and then create a soundtrack for the movie. We can't use anything that's been copyrighted because of infringment, but if we can play a cover of the music then it's acceptable. So I'm looking for a song that sounds good, no lyrics, and preferably something that isn't too insanely hard (Insanely hard being stuff along the lines of Eric Johnson or Dragonforce). I have the recording software Riffworks Standard, so I have a few basic drum beats. But yeah, I need to find something that would sound good behind a spy movie. A little something for the dramatic parts, some action parts, maybe some stuff for the brain-warping scenes. Any suggestions are welcome and appreciated.

Thanks, SoCalDirtDragon
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i thought that Judas Priest's "Nostradamus" was pretty "dramatic" and the riffs don't sound insane...but for a spy movie not sure.
make something up yourself?

it would impress the teacher if you write it yourself
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k, thnx megadeth

bigtimmy, i'm tryin, but i'm thinkin that if i can get some inspiration maybe from some more popular songs, it'll help.
Looking for Clues - Robert Palmer.

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dramatic? perhaps something a little different from a normal instrumental guitar track. as in perhaps just like a strat tone with tons of reverb playing around with a lydian for a mystical kind of thing. or just dome dead notes and harmonics for a suspence kinda thing?