OK, earlier i was jamming and all of a sudden there is no sound coming out of my amp. i check all the cables and everything's fine.

so i decide to switch pickups to see if my bridge HB works, and my bridge works but not my neck P.U. i switch back to my neck, and it starts working again.

so i keep on playing, and about 2 minutes later it happens again, so i immediately switch to the bridge. and it works again. again, i check cables, knobs, but about 10 seconds later my neck starts to work again..

this is the first time this has ever occurred, so it surprised me. i think its my pick-up, but just making sure its not my amp.

if it helps i was playing my Epi LP Standard w/ stock pickups. Its not very old, got it last october.

my amp is a VK 112, no mods or anything. Got it for christmas.

if you could shine any light on this subject, it would be greatly appreciated. and if you have any suggestions on what to do, that would be great also.

Probably a faulty connection in the guitar - a loose wire is more likely than a faulty pickup.
epiphone guitars are notorious for their shoddy switches. i had the exact same thing happen to my LP, and one of my friends has one with a broken switch as well. just find a good tech and have them replace it with a really good one that will never die
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Happens to me also these days. I guess it's just a bad connection between the pickup and the output of your guitar.
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check the wiring. see if there are any loose wires then you can try to resolder them.
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