Hi guys!

I just bought a bass guitar off craigslist. Really sweet deal, I would definitely suggest looking there for amazing prices.

But anyways, its an ibanez GSR200. I play all kinds of metal and a little rock. I'm looking for an inexpensive practice amp. Between 100-300 MAX! And if it's 300 it better be amazing :-).

I'd like something thats more common so I can possibly find it used maybe? Maybe something with built in effects also so I dont go crazy with pedals :-)

Or if anyone can point me in a direction because i'm clueless with bass that would be great. But I have been playing guitar for about one year so I do know some stuff.

Btw, I tried a Line 6 Lowdown today and it sounded really good to me. I don't know because my ear hasn't been trained for bass yet.

Thanks UG'ers!!