I am going to start buying messed up guitars and fixing them then reselling them for money so I could make money for my new guitar. I just plan on goin on ebay and getting messed up ones or going to a garage sale.
typically buying messed up guitars at garage sales would mean you going and getting the intonation, action, neck, and just about everything else adjusted, this costs money. I think you'll only really see a profit if you have a good amount of maintenance experience and can do these things yourself
This would be hard to profit from if the guitars that are messed up involve expensive hardware or damaged paint.
I think it would be a much better use of time and easier way to make more money is to:

1. Get a real job
2. Mow lawns
3. Do chores

If you really want to do some guitar work, i recommend starting off with guitars that only need a new bridge or maybe some touch up work or something.
Guitars aren't hard to fix but they do take a lot of time which could be better spent doing something else if you aren't already trained in woodwork/finishing/luthier work.
What did you have in mind to fix?
Well really what I need to fix is just do some touch up paint on a guitar, the rest I am possitive I can do.
Well you can go out and buy spray cans or do a proper job with a compressor, touch up gun, masking tape etc.
Learning to spray isn't really that hard. It's just expensive when NCL costs $10 a litre.
There's plenty of advice out there too. I'll post some links if you want when I get home from work.