Now, I'm relatively new, with guitar effects. I have two pedals, thus far. Therefore, I am already looking for an amp and a multi-effects pedal. I'm curious about the Digitech GNX models. What would be the difference between an amp model and a multi-effects pedal? I hear that the GNX models have digital recorders, but how good is the quality? How many effects are there, as opposed to a multi-effects pedal by Boss?
If you can I would strongly suggest getting single pedals. They sound a lot nicer than multi-effect pedals. From what I understand the only decent multi-effects are the ones that are like $500 and up
I second di$TOrTed. Get some GOOD pedals with some true-bypass signals and stuff like that.. Tone comes first, forget effects
I own a Gnx3. The recorder is amazingly clear, and it also have the seamless loop fuction. I would compare the digitech and boss muti effects to be aboun the same, but with the Gnx you can set more parameters and change more sounds partway through a song. Mine has held up for over three years, no probloms. I would recomend the Gnx series to anyone, but from the Gnx3 up. The Gnx1 and Gnx2 are pretty limited, but the 3, 3000, and 4 are all great. I would look at some of the reviews on this site (there are a few, one of them is mine) for more detailed info.

And these multieffects don't run $500, you can buy the Boss ME-50 and Gnx3 for $300 brand new, or cheaper used.
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