hey guys i currently play a left handed samick interceptor (one of the old ones H/S/S not H/H) and a tiny amount of money has come into my possession and im wondering about getting a new humbucker or even single coils. Currently the only ones that are with in my price range seem to be either cheap EMG's, Wilkinson or GFS thats all i know of.

Also at the end of the year i should be getting an schecter omen extreme or something to that effect so im not looking for anything uber performance just some thing that sounds better than my stock pickups

i play a lot of metal from megadeth through to kataklysm, some metalcore, some clean alt stuff and a little bit of hardcore in that order.

what are you guys thoughts? are there any other brands also do you have any suggestions as to what i should get?
i recently installed some nice GFS alnico II singles in my strat. sounds very very nice. my friend has some type of vintage voiced bucker and a lipstick pup, both are very nice. i reccomend them, esp. for jst upgrading a cheaper "import" guitar.
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Why swap cheap pickups with cheap pickups? Unless you're positive the pickups you have now are seriously hampering your tone I would just put this money towards your new guitar.

PS, what kind of amp do you have? It will help to know if you are truly set on getting new pups. A definitive budget would be good as well.
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and look on Ebay for 'buckers. Honestly you can find a pair of them for maybe $15. The may sound like complete **** but hey u did say uber cheap. lol

also try MightyMite or GFS
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sorry i haven't listed my amp.
just recently i've come in to possession of a Roland Bolt 60, its a 60watt tube amp made late 70's early 80's its part of the only tube amp series roland ever built.
i see GFS is a lot cheaper than most and receives good comments. how good is it? and TS, you might want to try ebay.
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i see GFS is a lot cheaper than most and receives good comments. how good is it? and TS, you might want to try ebay.

Yeah GFS are not bad. For the price they are good upgrades to stock pickups usually. But if you have the money for seymour duncan's or other major pu brands those are a bit better.
Why not just wait it out until the end of the year? Cheap pickups won't do much better than the stock pickups. If you aren't going to play the guitar you have currently, it would be a waste to change the pickups if you only play that guitar for a few more months.
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Give this a try and might be fun to build your own:


Or some GFS crunchy pafs would be decent.

hmm, im most likely going to buy a GFS crunchy rail for my bridge, but this idea intrigues me quite a bit as im interested in just buying a single coil kit to replace the bridge pickup. Has anyone done this? if so what do you think? would i be able to construct a decent single coil with out any prior practice or would it just be alot easier to purchase just a normal one?

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Interesting! I'd like to see some pics.

If you need cheap pickups, I'd grab a pair of the Fat PAFs from guitarfetish.com, or a Fat PAF in the bridge and a Vintage '59 in the neck.

heres some pics of the roland, i acquired it a few weeks ago for $350au from a local second hand store. i had also taking some photos with the backplate off but they came out blurry as all hell if youd like some i can take some new ones.

if ive broken some rule relating to image size please tell me and i'll fix it.
first time i have seen one of those!

as far as your cheap but good pickup....i was in a bind once and bought a duncan detonator for $40. new at guitar center...there a chinese made pickup thats pretty close to a duncan distortion pick up,...i was only gonna keep it in my guitar to get me bye until pay day,,...but ended up keeping it in there for 7 months!

not sure if you have guitar center or something comparable where you are,..

good luck!

if you ever decide to mod that amp let us know how it works out with speaker/tube changes.
Look up Swineshead pickups.

EDIT: Maybe not, I just looked up 'em again.

Seems they've jacked up their prices since I last went on their website last year.
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