Just out of curiosity:

I always seem to have a song that I'm not actively learning, but is always in the background. I.e. I always play it inbetween learning and am always hacking away at it.

My current one for the last month or so has been Eugene's Trick Bag by Steve Vai (the last duel from the film Crossroads).

How about the rest of UG? What song is currently on your backburner?
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Achilles Last Stand-Led Zeppelin

If I'm improving on the higher frets, I always end up starting that solo.

And if I'm messing around with chords, I always play the beginning.
Thunderstruck, learned the intro then realized the rest of the song is meh...
Culinary Hyperversity by Necrophagist. It's good for practicing sweeping but I'm too lazy to learn it all at one time.
ive been doing bits and pieces of floods by pantera for awhile.
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Knights of Cydonia by Muse..

I think I know all of the guitar parts now anyway, I just haven't played it through :\