I've played a bit of bass, my friend has one, and I would like to buy my own but don't exactly want to spend a bunch on one but at the same time I want a decent one.

But at the same time I want something that's not my squier strat for a guitar (native instrument). Which got me lookin at the guitar forums, where I stumble upon http://rondomusic.com and their so called awesome line of Agile guitars. But from this dealer the bass guitars are about $150, which would be a nice price I think

SO my question to you is this: how is the SX line of bass guitars from rondomusic as far as price/quality?
I would stay away from SX's. Here's why:

1. Poor Electronics
2. Crap Hardware
3. Bad Construction

They use decent woods, but I don't think that makes up for the other qualities.
Run away from SX. There is a reason they are only $100 guitars. They make the most **** basses and guitars I've ever seen.
I like them, But alot of people don't. The end. I wish people would stop making threads like these, they always turn into flame threads.
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If Bass isn't going to be your primary instrument, I wouldn't recommend that you spend a lot of money for one. If you're just trying it out, don't waste your money. If you decide that you're really going to get into it, then invest in a decent bass and rig.
There have been so many threads on the pros and cons of SXs. Search bar--you'll find your answer / opinion.