Alright, I've been making a lot of threads lately.

But this will finalize it.

I'm looking at gradually building a decent setup for Van Halen type rock, here's what I'm thinking:

Put Dimarzio or Seymour Duncans in my Epi LP. Perhaps Evo's or Tonezones? Suggestions on this.

For an amp I really like the idea of a Bugera 6262 or 6260. I need to know the difference between the two.

Do you want to sound like Van Halen? If so I'd go with some sort of PAF in the neck and bridge. If you want that brown sound from the first album I would suggest the 18 ceriatone plexi. That should give you all the marshall crunch you need for some VH.
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For the generic 80's i have heard Dimarzio super distortion.
For Van Halen, lots of bass and PAF. He also has a lot of treble, but his settings have more bass.
Judging from the description on the website the 6262 has more controls and is designed to be more versatile. The 6260 seems to be a hard rock/metal machine.

I'd say try both and see what you prefer. They both have enough gain and are generally considered to be good amps.

My personal opinion is that either of these may sound too modern for VH, but they are designed after the 5150 which was his sig head so, meh, they should work.
I don't give a shit if you listen to me or not
Van Halen; Seymour Duncan '59s, neck and bridge, Marshall 1968 plexi, g12m greenback speakers.

LOTS of mids.
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For Example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OuepuSokn9M

That's using a 6260

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^if you listened to him, he says he was born with out a right hand

but if you want that generic 80's metal tone, it's all in the cranked marshall...but you want Van Halen, so I think you would be good with a used 5150

as for pups, the 80's pup was the DiMarzio Super Distortion, but if you want the Halen type pup, get a paf
Look into Seymour Duncan SH-11 or their Custom Shop '78 model as your pickups. The Evo is too hot. You don't need a reissue Marshall Plexi head for $2500 to get the brown sound. Look around for amps and buy one which works with your playing style to get the tone you're after. If you have the money to spend, personally I'd check out a 50 watt JCM 800, specifically the 2204 model. I've seen some float around ebay recently for around $1000 for the head in really good condition. I think the best way to get the brown sound is the amp overdriving itself and not a hot pickup doing that, meaning you need it loud to get that proper tone you're after. Thats why I think you should look into lower output pickups, one where you roll back the volume and it cleans up the tone.
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for a guy that loves the john mayer trio, you sure are going in the opposite direction.
i would also recommend the 6260 for EVH style stuff.
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My H&K does it very well, VH's first album all day long. Gets a bunch of other useful tones and has great cleans. The reverb is weak, but for 80's rock, who needs a ton of reverb?
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Classic 30 with an Overdrive anyone?


Actually Van Halen has a very distinctive reverb sound.
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