i have a cheap les paul with two knobs and a switch and I would like to change it to a standard les paul setup. and move the switch up. how would i go about thing.

I have to fill the old holes and make new ones to make them line up with the standard lp setup. how would i do this? thanks
I would reccomend you use the old holes and just add two new ones, because adding wood filler to your guitar will never improve your tone (it may have very little effect, but put enough on and it'll dampen the sound). Do you have new pots, soldering supplies, and a diagram for the standard 4 knob setup? that would be the first thing to do. You'll want to find a color of paint that matches the color of your guitar perfectly (if it's a trans finish you can still do this but it'll look like ****). Then you take all the knobs and pots off, and carefully put wood filler in the whole with a puddy knife or something similar, carefully smoothing and filling it 'til it's flush with the curve of the top. When it dries, sand the area smooth, then repaint it.

To put the new setup in, you can approximate the spot you want for the new holes, or yo ucan probably get a template that will show where they need to go. Either way, simply mark the spots and drill through the guitar, then solder and attach the new four-knob setup.

Actually, I don't know if you were planning on moving the switch, but it's definitely not worth it- routing a channel for the wire to the upper bout is not something you can do easily as an aftermarket mod.
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@ cjpiquette

Thanks man...

does anyone know how to fill the holes, wood putty, epoxy, wood dowls or wood filler.
I don't really know enough about woodworking to know which would work, but I'm thinking maybe dowls, because all of the putties and fillers and such could expand/contract at different rates than the wood of the guitar and cause cracking and fail.
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Justice is this, justice is that...justice is 9 minutes long and recorded in a cupboard full of fluffy pillows
Dowels would look much better than any of the other options. Before you drill, put masking tape over the spot on the top where you are going to drill. Also drill from the top of the guitar into the cavity. These two things will give make it less likely to split the finish or top.
It's a flat top, I don't know it that will matter, but that would mean that i wouldn't have to carve the dowels to match the curve of the top.

And yes I already have the pots and everything.

And to answer anyones question about if i'm fit to do this work, I am, I have already built two guitars. it's just reversing the work I need help with.

Thanks guys.

How would I go about making my control cavity bigger?
Just go at it with a router till I have enough room?

And how would I add a cavity for the switch up top on the upper area(or whatever it's called on an lp)?

Would I route it out and drill into it from the neck pickup route?

Or should I do like a sg and leave the switch by the knobs?

And if I drill new holes and leave the old ones there, I'm going leave the finish how it is. if I fill the old ones and do new holes I'm going to repaint the guitar.
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I would leave the selector where it is. But that is largely a matter of personal preference. I don't like the location on standard LPs. You may like it on the upper horn though. It would be extra work, but it's certainly do-able if you measure and plan correctly.
It would be really difficult to add the chanel for the wires to get to the switch. And you would need to create the cavity for the switch, and fashion a cover for the back. The control compartment for a 4 knob LP and the 2 knob arent much different in size its the location of the holes. If you are aiming for the 4 knob look it will be pretty tough to get anything to match the original paint where the dowels will be. If you just want the 4 controls try concentric pots would give you 4 controls without needing mods.