okay ive had my bass amp a 15w behringer ultrabass ( yea its a package deal ) for about 8 months and it has just started to make a weird sound ill explain in a second.. my main question is if i can fix it myself or should i take it in? its still under warranty so i can take it in. Also itd b appreciated if people didnt tell me to get a better rig.. i am planning on it in february so theres no need to tell me.. i just want a temporary fix for now. OK so the amp sounds fine at very low volumes but once the master volume goes up past 3 i start to get this very annoying like fuzz sound on all my low end everything on any low string ea on my bass or b on my friends five string if the note is sustained for any length of time.. if the lows are turned up on the EQ it gets worse and will also occur on the high end of the bass if the treble is turned up and the volume is closer to 9 or 10. so any help would be greatly appreciated.