hi i jsut bought an OLP bass (MM2) off of ebay despite what most of you said. it hink its a good bass so i got it for $180. i just ordered it, so i wanted to knwo before it gets here, if i was gunna replace some of the parts, liek an upgrade
would a BadAss II bridge or a Music Man bridge work on it?

what about tuning pegs, would i need to measure them or anything?

and would a music man control plate fit the olp?

ty so much all! ur good friend, telecastrmastr
Try adding more delay.
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I believe you would have to re drill holes for a BA2.

You can buy OLP pickguards on ebay. Regular musicman pickguards do not fit directly.
you could replace the pick ups and get some straplocks
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Look at hipshot bass bridges as well.


The have some good lookin bass bridges. I've seen their "B" style bridges on Flea's Modulus bass before, and the Flea bass comes with a different bridge. He may have got a hipshot one and put it on.
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