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He pissed off Bas Rutten? Dear God that guy is fucked.

Ya Bas Rutten seems a little pissed in that vid.. Only a little.
The lesson of the day is : Don't f*ck with Italians
Trust me I'm a doctor

A doctor with a mustache
Well he seems a bit less than pleased.
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I took out a fly with my jet of piss once. I felt like God!

“This is ridiculous; my job is to sit here and do this bloo-loo-loo-loo, bloo-loo-loo-loo” - Paul Gilbert on sweep picking.
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i think bas rutten is dutch.

Belgian isnt it? He's Van Damme's big brother right?
Why you reading this?
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I use my thumb and my johnson

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idk what the keys are for but the reason i think its for the floyd rose is because its called floyd rose double locking

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i iz hurr tuh spek da troof abowt muzik
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The lesson of the day is : Don't f*ck with bas

Naw, I think it's about equal.

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LedDaveZeppelin, You are so awesome.