I'm going to ask for some 4x12 suggestions, or more specifically, if anyone has any experience with the following.

Does anyone have any experience with Mojo's cabinets? (I'm just looking for the box here) They seem to get pretty good reviews everywhere, but I want to know how they compare to say... an Avatar cabinet which cost a fair bit less.

I'm planning on filling this with Ted Weber's 1230s, I especially want to know if anyone has tried these speakers. I haven't found as many great reviews for these as I have for the 1225s or the 003 cone pre-rola clones (which I've heard and sound SICK, but unfortunately might not work so well with my JTM45) His blue dog and silver bells look great as well.

If anyone has any other suggestions, feel free to list them. This is going to be a blues/classic/hard rock kind of rig.
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no experience.
but also check out Vader, Avatar, and Lopoline.
all really good quality for the money.
i just ordered a lopo oversized 2x12 with Texas Heats
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Holy crap, I just checked out Lopo, they have some cheap cabs. I'd love to get one of their diagonal 2x12's but it seems that its not quite wide enough to fit my head (2 inches too short, damn).

Unfortunately they don't have the bluesbreaker style cabinet I want. But they have some great prices. I'm looking for this kind of cabinet, but part of me just doesn't feel right spending $400 for just the box.


and will probably go with Weber blue dog ceramics.