he said it.
solid woods also season over time, so the guitar will sound better as it gets older and you play it more.
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Just wondering if solid back and sides on a guitar makes much difference in tone or anything or if laminate is just as nice. Thanks guys.

They certainly do. However, some companies make really good laminate that can definitely compete with the solid woods. Seagull is the example of a company who does so. A lot of Seagull guitars sound better than all solid wood guitars even though most of their guitars are made of laminate back/side wood.

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Alright I'm just kind of confused because this Breedlove I have been eyeing up which normally retails for about $1700 does not have solid back and sides. Kinda stupid if you ask me.

Is it maple? A lot of times maple back/sides are laminate. Even in the more expensive models if im not mistaken.
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I have a very old copy of 'Fretts' Magazine. In it was an article about a Luthier that made the back and sides of a guitar of paper mache' to prove the point that the sound-board is the main ingredient of 'tone' not back and side material. Still, I'd go for solid wood every time if I could afford it. Just for the aesthetics if nothing else. A solid top is the biggy. If you can afford nothing else at least go for that and you should get a pretty good sound.
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