My guitar is currently unstrung since I'm in the middle of installing new pickups, but a little bump in the road makes is so I won't be able to finish the job until tomorrow. So right now, it's sitting, completely gutted and stringless, on my workbench. Should I be worried that the neck might warp or do something funny overnight?
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nha. but it's gonna be a little off when you restring. it's gonna go out of tune and you're gonna get buzz and whatnot for a little while and then the neck will go back to normal.
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i dont leave my guitar unstrung for a week. maximum would be two days. you need a proper set-up if you would leave it unstrung for a long time.
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my brother left his unstrung for like 3 months and when he finally restrung it played fine, a little buz but he fixed it by just raising the action.
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It wont hurt it, remember, the guitar wasn't built with strings already on it.


If you are at all worried then loosen the truss rod a little and tighten it back up once you have re-strung...
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It wont hurt it, remember, the guitar wasn't built with strings already on it.

true, but it also didn't have a tight truss rod at that point either.
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I just finished putting one of my guitars together yesterday. Its a neck thru had been apart for almost 2 years. Made some adjustments plays fine.