I honestly doubt the pit gives a damn but I felt like I had to tell somebody

My friend and I were having a conversation earlier today about bass.

After the bass part
Me:So do you play bass?
Friend: I have an electric.
Friend: I have an electric.
Me: Is it a ****ing bass.
Friend: No it's an electric.
Me: Electric what? Guitar?
Friend: Yes
Me: Why didn't you just say that you play guitar
Friend: I thought you would know the difference between an electric and a bass

This says to me that the general perception the bass is that there is no such thing as an electric bass, which must mean every bass looks like this.

Any thoughts?

EDIT AGAIN: Im sorry for changing the pic, its back!
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I don't think your friend's too bright
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Where can I get that sexually attractive balding man ?


Edit: Damn you changed the picture

would you like me to change it back?
That pic is a double-bass. There different types of basses not just electric basses.
Their are acoustic basses to.
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would you like me to change it back?

Sexually attractive balding man = Me happy

No sexually attractive balding man = Me sad

Do you wanna make sad ???????

Do you????

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Trust me I'm a doctor

A doctor with a mustache
duh dude, you don't refer to a bass as an electric bass in general conversation, it sounds ridiculous, the fact that the bass is electric is pretty much implied, just like when you say you play guitar people automatically think you play an electric guitar, they don't know wtf acoustic means
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Wait,wait,wait,wait, they have electric basses O.o

of course not, that's why you can never hear them

lol sorry bassists
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You should have bitch slapped him for such ignorance...
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