For The Second Time This Year, Birmingham, UK, Mistakenly Uses A Picture Of Birmingham, Alabama To Promote Itself

For the second time this year, government officials in Britain's second-largest city, Birmingham (pronounced "Birming’am"), mistakenly used a photograph of the Birmingham, Alabama, (pronounced, "bur-ming-ham") skyline to promote itself, instead of its own city skyline. It's no longer a matter of whether they know what they are doing in Birmingham, UK, it's now also a matter of whether they even know where they are doing it!

The Birmingham City Council in the UK distributed about 720,000 leaflets praising residents for exceeding recycling targets with "Thank You Birmingham!" written over a picture of the Birmingham, Alabama skyline.

Birmingham, Alabama, is not impressed. "How do you not know the landmarks in your own town?" asked Melanie Kearns of the Birmingham, Alabama, Regional Chamber of Commerce.

Associated Press 14-Aug-08
Thats pretty pathetic.

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I don't know how you confuse a U.S. city with a U.K. city. They always look different to me.
that's why the uk sucks
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wow...that is bad....all i was gonna say was that u know your government phails when bush is elected..twice..but i dont think i beat that.
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well that's extremely embarrassing.

and how did this happen. did they use google images or something to find the picture?
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Isn't Birmingham, UK kind of a dark, old, industrial type city?

Would be hard to mistake that for a Southern U.S. city.
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If you google image search Birmingham, UK, the second picture is a picture of birmingham, Alabama...
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wow...that is bad....all i was gonna say was that u know your government phails when bush is elected..twice..but i dont think i beat that.

Once. He stole it 2000. That's failure (is it bad if i don't use the ph?) hahaha
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Since when has Birmingham had a skyline? Seriously...
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seriously. how can you not know the difference?

and people say americans are dumb.
oppressive bigoted inbred hick right winged nation vs administrative error

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