I guess this would be where i would put a TooL related post. Alright, so i was watching some TooL music videos, cause they are the best, and i noticed Breaking Benjamin did a cover of Aenima...interested i was. Wow........ ... ... ... .. guitar and drums were alright..... . ... .... ...Ben Burnley needs to never sing it again... not even in the shower. Anyone agree? Check it out if you dare

... well, i USED to think he was a good vocalist...
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yeah thats pretty bad.

His voice just lacks any definition. I like BB, I like the EFFORT...but its a no go.
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That used to be one of my favourite songs. Thanks.
Really though, the guitar sounded pretty good at the start, then he comes in with those ****ty vocals and completely ruins a great song.
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I clicked on it thinking "it can't be that bad" but it was. Not funny bad though, just bad.
@ singer.

If you're gonna cover Tool, do not try to sound like Maynard. You will fail.
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Guitar was alright, drums didn't really sound that great, but singer= fail, but I couldn't do any better.
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It wouldn't have been so bad if it wasn't so painfully obvious that he is trying to replicate Maynard. He just comes off as being completely unoriginal and without the slight bit of personal identity.

I lol'd.
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I got embarrassed chills after listening to that
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Guitar was alright, drums didn't really sound that great, but singer= fail, but I couldn't do any better.


Here's another of him trying to do De La Rocha: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d8FkAEHumqk

I suppose it's at least better than the Tool cover, but they should really cover stuff more suited for the vocalist instead of having him try to change his voice for some mediocre cover.

They do decent nirvana covers from the ones I clicked on on youtube though.

In terms of covers strange covers, PATD covering Radiohead (I know it's the Indie forums, but they're modern, so I'll post it for the hell of it): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jrqgm6uPRJU
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I got embarrassed chills after listening to that

I felt exactly the same after listening to Through the Fire and Flames.
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It is because he is trying to do an exact copy of tool including vocal style, he should have tried to make a BB cover not an exact copy of Tool. He is still great with Breaking Benjamin, he needs to still with that. Some people can do covers really well and some people cant, he is obviously the latter
I don't even like Tool and that felt wrong on so many levels. (in b4 flames)
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I'm quite sure that there are vocalists that are worse than him, the song is alright and this cover is alright. So yea, nothing special but w/e