So right now i'm considering putting in new pickups in my old guitar. Its a cheap Dean Evo model but i love playing the thing. I'm just wondering though that even if i put new pickups in it will it still be as good as just buying another "better" guitar and then putting pickups in that one, or will I be good with this one. As far as tuning it keeps it in tune pretty well except for when i tune down real low (and i mean real low like ADGCFA). Any feedback is appreciated.
what is your amp?

and i don't see much of a point in spending $150 to replace the pups in a $100 guitar
well i have a Line 6 Spider 3, hoping to upgrade that some time soon. The point of putting better pickups in is because i enjoy playing my old guitar, really its only gonna be used for downtuning cause i have another guitar i like to leave in standard and maybe tune a half step down. I would rather pay 150 dollars for new pickups (and put in a guitar i already like to play) rather than 400 for a decent guitar.
a new guitar or amp would better than putting pickups on that.
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