So I have an MXR 10 Band EQ pedal, and it requires an 18v ac adapter. I have a 1Spot Daisy Chain for 9v pedals, and when i connect the 9v thing to the eq pedal it works. Is it dangerous? will it stop working? will it fry? or is it okay?

i'm just asking because i don't wanna waste 30 dollars on an 18v adapter unless i have to.

so is it safe for me to run the mxr 10band eq (18v) through an 9v daisy chain? thanks
i wouldnt run anything else through it, just use the MXR, but dont take my word for it

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if it sounds okay, then that's fine. but it's not being used at it's optimum voltage that it was designed for. if you ever do get an 18v adapter, you might notice the difference in the eq.
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It's fine your just not driving it like it should be.
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so would it sound better if i got an 18v adapter for it?

or is it fine running through my 9v daisy chain
btw, my daisy chain is like in really bad shape, so i'm not sure if its safe xD
The MXR 10-band comes new with an 18v adapter ... Lose it or bought used?

And it will sound better with less noise and stuff with the 18.
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