What is the quality of an Ibanez ZR trem to an OFR? I'm wondering this because the Ibanez S I played today has one and was very easy to use, and had great tuning stability, but I know that the Edge III is notorious for breaking after a short period of time and it would suck if the ZR would do the same. Is the the ZR a high-quality trem?
ZR is on a ball, not a knife edge, I think. This means that as long as you maintain it properly, it shouldn't wear down like a knife edge.

If memory serves, you can also break one string and not have to mess with the others.
The ZR is amazing, but the ZR2 is just unbeatable because it's the same thing, but without all the breaking. The Original ZR sometimes snaps in certain places. It isn't super common, but it happens.
I support what everyone else says. It's amazing. Only the edge 3 sucks all the other ibby trems are great.
i love my zr. great quality trem.
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I adore ZR trems
They're half of the reason I love Ibanez S Models so much.
Although they are both floating trems, traditional OFR such as edges, the ZR and ZR2 are very different in ways i really like.
For instance looking at the posts they arent knife edge they are a ball end that Ive always liked some reason. Just looks and feels more stable. Also the ZR2 has the feature of holding ball ends of strings.
I love my ZR trem, never gonna go back to a licensed floyd or any of the others, or at least if I buy a guitar that has a standard LFR or OFR on it, I'll have it modded to have a ZR
One of the best trems I've ever used hands down.
and a lot of people found that with the OFR, the fine tuners weren't low enough to do some lead techniques, though Loomis uses one, Rusty Cooley always hated that issue, and the ZR is one of the trems that's low profile, so that's another +.
ZR all the way. I can give it so much abuse and stays in tune through it all.
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They both are great, but i'd choose also the ZR. Because it has 1 MAJOR advantage:
When a string snaps, the others stay in tune. And when you gig, that is friggin important. With a OFR, every string wil get out of tune when 1 string snaps. So you will have to change your guitar in the middle of a number.
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