I dunno how many of you are familiar with AP (Advanced Placement) classes, but I've got the opportunity to go into AP Music Theory in September. I'm familiar with some theory, and I can read music on the treble and bass clefs (not fluidly). What do you all think I'd need, like as a prerequisite?
ive got a couple friends taking this, so ive seen the textbook.

it pretty much starts with 'this is a quarter note', so i don't think there really is any prerequisite besides interest.

EDIT: this is in high school
take it, haha it was the best class for me in high school-4 quarters A+

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I say take it. I'm taking AP Music Theory (High school) this September as well. I didn't take the first MT but it seemed easy so I'm skipping to AP. I know a bit of theory but can't read music..Though I don't believe I would NEED to for this class. Last year my friend had a take home test and one of the questions was "What is the 5th of a G?"

Sounds easy enough!
You don't really need to know that much. Reading treble and bass clefs is a must and if your are not too fluent with bass clef you will be after the course(you'll need to read alto and C clefs too). You should know all the keys major and minor are at least the circle of 5ths so you can find the accidentals in the all the keys. Knowing all 7 diatonic triads and the inversions of them helps, and being familiar with intervals above and below is something you will probably be taught but it helps a lot to know them by memory. If you have some access to a keyboard that helps so much as well because you will probably be looking at a lot of examples that are almost entirely piano music so being able to play it and hear it is so beneficial. Hope that helped, good luck!
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It's in high school, but it's supposed to function as like a college prep class. I don't know if they start from scratch. I know about intervals, a bit of chord formation, I know the keys, circle of fifths, and the major and natural minor scale. I know a little bit about modes too, although i'm sort of sketchy. It's like, you play the same notes, you just start on a different note?


But yeah, thanks a ton for the help.

Edit: Btw, you think pitch memory will be a big deal? I sort of have all right pitch, like with a piano but it's not very good.
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****e. I'm a senior in high school. Is it possible for me to take the Music Theory AP exam this year?
Damn I wish I had that class, trying to self-teach myself this stuff is not working so far
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