Now I'm in a small town and realized that whenever I went into a larger city graffiti would be in a lot of places. Then I realized how much the rest of the people in my car noticed it and I got an idea. I've been tagging my town and a few outside and people have been talking about it. Now I'm tagging my bands name and noone is the wiser. I use a different style of graffiti so my bands looks diff than the rest and my myspace musician page has gotten 1000's of hits lately. Coincidence? No. It's advertising the underground can afford. So pass it on and tag your town.
You do know it's illegal right? Not only that, the owner of the building has to pay for your "ad".
People are gonna catch on sooner or later.

Then you'll be ****ed.
umm yeah the idea sounds kinda great..... but i doubt it will work with ma band
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Brilliant idea. I'm gonna tag my band's name all over my town to get fans, it's not like anyone will know who did it
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