FINISHED - please, check out the finished version if you liked it before or havent heard

RHCP-esque Stadium Arcadium-esque song, very spacey and alternative jam. PLEASE CRIT! C4C

Finished song is uploaded, and it has everything but the vocals. PLEASE tell me what you think. editing your first post, replying again, replying for the first time, whatever, please check it out. I'll crit as soon as i see your reply.


Guitar is all with my fender tele, bass is tele with digitech whammy down an octave, and the drums are just a looped track from garageband. most of the effects are from garageband, but some distortion, phasing, and all wah effects were done externally.

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It sounds pretty good, very spacey... It kinda reminds me of lounge, relaxed music...

The only part I think is a little weird is about :26 to :40, I think the effect on the guitar is a little too spacey. Just an opinion, but I think if that effect were toned down a bit, it would be even better.
the doubled guitar has an almost-tremolo phase effect, i assume thats what you were referring to... i think your right though, i'll probably go back and see what else i can do.

Saying the Red Hot Chili Peppers have no talent is like saying Guy Fawkes didn't have an epic mustache.
I really enjoyed this, very easy listening. The way you combined the guitar and the bass made the song overall enjoyable and not too boring like most songs like this imo. You said you use garageband for the drums? I've never really played around with garageband too much is it worth the money?
thanks for the crit. Can you hear the bass well? i like the bass too i just can't seem to get it to sound loud enough in playback.

As for Garageband, it comes with macs, and it basically just has a bunch of different loops you can put in. The loops are anything from drums, guitar, bass, horns... crazy synth stuff too. you can also make midi loops with a drum kit, or bass or any midi sound actually. I think its an easy and effective way to add drums since i could never buy a drumset/the mic's to mic the entire thing.

I don't know that its available for windows, if thats what you have, but its a free and useful tool if you have a mac and a simple interface for guitar/vocals/etc.

Saying the Red Hot Chili Peppers have no talent is like saying Guy Fawkes didn't have an epic mustache.
Well, honestly, I don't really like the RCHP very much, but I did like this song a lot. Nice and mellow, very relaxing to listen to. I'd suggest adding more parts/making the song longer/ maybe repeat some parts with a solo on top. I didn't really like the drum outro much. It didn't really define it very well. That being said, the drums could be a bit louder in the mix. I like the chord changes and the effects/tones used on the guitars. At 0:44, I'd suggest changing the bass line to not playing the riff. It sounds better with the guitars. Also, consider a different start to the song. Something that hooks the listener a bit more. Overall, I really enjoyed it.
Its very incomplete and open to arrangement changes.. i'm considering an added intro, as you suggested, and probably some solo later on. the drum outro was unintentional, and its a work in progress. I was just looking for feedback on the current recording. as for the riff at 0:44, the rhythm is just E for 4 bars... i'm thinking a jazzy bass improv but i'm not sure yet.

Saying the Red Hot Chili Peppers have no talent is like saying Guy Fawkes didn't have an epic mustache.
the bass line was cool in this. i thought the drums were a bit quiet. well, really too quiet. i also thought the clean guitar could be improved tonewise. if you're going for an rhcp sound, you need a crisper clean. try more mids. some of the leads were a bit awkward, but overall, i really enjoyed this.
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i'm starting to think everyone's speakers are a lot different from mine. For starters, i can barely hear the bass. I did bring up the drums though, and they sound better. I'm on a macbook, which is probably why; macs have the ****tiest speakers.

chrisatgrace- i was not looking to have rhcp's tone on this track, but rather a smoother guitar that flows. RHCP is more raw, but i treated almost all the guitars and everything. As for the leads, i think this is because some of them are slightly off tempo here and there. I'll add that to the list for rerecording. thanks for the feedback

Saying the Red Hot Chili Peppers have no talent is like saying Guy Fawkes didn't have an epic mustache.
Great song. I enjoyed every part man. And the bass was cool

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I really like this man. I love the chord progressions you use, and the bass lines are GREAT. Really good production, except the drums were too quiet. Turn em up! Everything else sounded fine.

A couple more things:

I did not like the way the guitar sounded at 26 at all. It was just strange.

ADD VOCALS! Vocals would go perfect with this, imo.

That's pretty much it, I hope I can hear the finished product! 9/10 so far.

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I like the bass part in the beginning a lot. The song builds nicely, though it does start out a little weird missing a real intro it seems. I like the 2 different guitars at like 45 seconds, cool effect having one in the right ear, one in the left.

The only other thing would be the long drum loop continuing at the end. It just makes you expect more, and then it stops.

Nice little song, and pretty good recording quality. Keep it up.

edit: just realized you already mentioned the drum loop thing, oh well! Shows that I need to read more!
It's a very chilled out track, no doubt. You already have a good rhythm section, especially the bassline. The leads need to be more distinctive as they seem to blend in with the rhythm, throw in a guitar solo that's distorted or distinctive in some way. Vocals would be a nice add, just write a melody with the guitar and sing over it so that way you can make the song longer. Overall it's great, sound quality and the general mood.
Hey man this is amazing.. sounds like a backing track though. I was wondering if we could do a collab sometime? You with your smooth funkyness and me with.. yea, whatever you think I should do.

Check my stuff out here:

Listen to Jason and hear one of my songs.. :P
well done! everything flows good... the lead near the end i like and it does give a very rhcp feel too it
Overall not bad at all.

one of my complaints is I was the whole song I was waiting for it to go somewhere.

it is definitely a good idea, just try to develop it some more and see where it takes you.

check out my song in my profile. there are no vocals, but the music is done.
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thanks, everyone.
JTL73, do you have a thread you'd like me to crit your song on? the song sounds pretty sweet but the lead that comes in at :21 and comes in later, it sometimes sounds a little out of key over the chords, but does mostly work and i liked that. my only other crit is that when the music drops into the acoustic part at 1:48 it seems to get empty, instead of a strong acoustic break as everything builds ack u

Braincheese, i would love to collab... you shred a little more than i'm used to, but its all melodic and it sounds pretty sweet.. ill pm too

Saying the Red Hot Chili Peppers have no talent is like saying Guy Fawkes didn't have an epic mustache.
not really much i can say that wouldn't be redundant
it's great stuff
i'd like to hear a whole song with vocals and such
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Yea man, definetely sounds like some RHCP. The drums could be a little more ballsier though, other than that awesome. love the phase effect in the begining. Keep it up !
thanks everyone ITS FINISHED! please check it out if you have the time

Saying the Red Hot Chili Peppers have no talent is like saying Guy Fawkes didn't have an epic mustache.
Well, to start, I love the bass sound. The tone is great, it just sounds like it should be turned up a bit. I really liked the guitar solo too, wasn't really expecting that. The bending note at the beginning was timed perfectly. The chord progression was good, but if you threw in a few extra notes, it'd sound a lot more creative and memorable, imo. The overall song structure was very RHCP-like, but the drums didn't sound too RHCP like, and the bass too, but still good as I said earlier. Overall, I liked it.
Great vibe, I especially get that RHCP vibe in what I believe would be the chorus. The beginning kind of kicked off more on a John Mayer kind of style. I think vocals are begging to being recorded on this track. Just really smooth and I enjoyed it. Just be careful on taking a little too much from your influences. I've been there, everything I used to write sounded like a B-track off a metallica album lol. But I think you did a great job.
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thanks for the crits. i never even thought of the john mayer style in the beginning, but i do listen to him and i guess that just kind of came w/o noticing it. I agree, i should be careful taking from my influences. A lot of it wasn't exactly influenced by RHCP, i think i just put too much of the RHCP sound into each track. Ex. The chorus was inspired by nirvana, but simply doesn't sound anything like it. Thats mostly because i can't quite figure out how to record high-gain guitars w/o it sounding like crap. But i'll keep that in mind when i write/record/mix more.

Saying the Red Hot Chili Peppers have no talent is like saying Guy Fawkes didn't have an epic mustache.
Thanks for the crit.

IMO drums are too loud. The only thing really going on here is the guitar, and you've got the rhythm guitar with a kind of wimpy tone so when its just that and the drum its pretty weak, not that interesting. Obviously if you put lyrics over this it would probably work great, but as an instrumental - rhythm + loud repetitive drums = not so great. Lead licks sound good to me, and agree this has a strong RHCP sound to it. All in all pretty nice job, add some lyrics tho!
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^yeah im having a problem with that - are you using a macbook? both on my macbook's speakers and a friends, she and i have both said the drums are too loud. maybe you have other speakers though with similar frequency specs. when i use external speakers that came with an old dell, it all kind of comes together and the drums sound fine. Another problem is its very hard to hear the bass on some speakers (macbooks, for example) but my external speakers sounded great bass-wise.

i hope to add vocals soon, but i'd have to use the internal macbook microphone and i'm no singer.

Saying the Red Hot Chili Peppers have no talent is like saying Guy Fawkes didn't have an epic mustache.
wow really relaxing, everything is pretty well done, some vocals at some points of the song would make it more complete but as it is it's really well done.

thanks for the crit btw !