That's right, the 39998th ****ing Quicky Comp. It's gotten me so excited, I could go for a quicky right now! So it's time to put up or shut up, before the 40000th Quicky Comp!


*Ahem*... Don't mind me, I'm just in one of those moods.

Quicky Comp MMMXMVIII:
- Due date is August 24th, 12:00 a.m. (no exceptions). And the poll shall be up then, or the next day.
- No prose
- Between 20-30 lines
- Numero une poll contest (or 'un', I don't know, masculine/feminine doesn't make sense to me with partially English sentences!)
- 3 points = 1st place, 2 points = 2nd place, 1 point = 3rd place.

Have fun, and don't touch the sides... BUZZZZZZ

1. Fate_of_Mind (The Max)
2. Jammydude44 (Jamie)
3. ZanasCross (Zach, Zack, ZikZok...?)
4. #1 Synth (#4 Synth this time)
5. Dæmönika (Demonic...Uhhhh)
6. Eaglestalon101 (101nolatselgaE)
7. cubs (foreign? )
8. Bassbeat77 (You're in, only because your username has two lucky sevens )

Get in-ing, boys & gals.
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Quote by #1 synth
in. but this completely undermines the point of numbering the quicky comps, attempting to give them some prestige.

What's more prestigious than a competition that's gone on nearly 40,000 times?
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I'm in

Eh... You're kind of late. But feel free to send something suitable for the competition, I'll fit you in if somebody doesn't send me their piece. (which looks like it could happen...)