So Pit, where do you work to pay for all your expensive gear? Walmart? Petco? Your local Pawn Shop?

Me, I work at an auto parts store. Its okay I suppose. I really don't have to do much and get paid $8.00 an hour. The only part I really don't like is when people question my knowledge of car parts or ask for the managers opinion because of the way I look.

So complain about your job here.
Just got a job at Rexall Place (stadium where all the big ticket acts come). Advance tickets FTW!
i dont work
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im doing an engineering internship at Holden, which is owned by GM motors.

last few months have been awkward with the slump in the car industry, buts its a good job, best ive had anyway.

b4 that i was at a supermarket. or what u USAers call a mall
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I produce podcasts for my dad's advertising company. I don't work as frequently as I'd like to, but they pay me $10 an hour.
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I work at a bakery owned by my aunt and uncle. It's only on Sundays but I get paid $10/hour under the table. I'm looking for a second job.
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I work in the Photo Lab at Walmart, not bad
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