So im selling my schecter C1 Hellraiser with NO floyd rose. RED

* Mahogany body (Black Cherry finish includes Quilted Maple Top)
* Set, 3-piece mahogany neck with rosewood fretboard
* 24 X-jumbo frets
* 25-1/2" scale
* Ultra-access cutaway
* EMG active 81TW/89 pickups
* Push/pull knob for single-coil on 81TW
* Volume/volume/tone controls
* 3-way pickup switch
* Grover tuners
* Abalone binding on Black Cherry & White, Gray Pearl Binding on Black
* Gothic cross fretboard inlays
* TonePros tune-o-matic bridge with thru-body design

the guitar is an 07 model. pretty much lightly used, i suck at guitar thats why...i get discouraged, anyway lol. I see a lot of these for sale. Not like its a POS i just wonder why. I love the guitar i just think its too much for me right now.

Im asking $400 obo. preferred to have local pickup. but it is possible for me to ship. i would have buyer pay for shipping and we could negotiate on price then. Ill even throw in my little gig bag from gator.
please email me with requests or other info. I use my blackberry so i will respond within the minute for any questions. ub3r.dork@gmail.com


dude, i might be cramping your style but DON'T SELL IT BECAUSE YOU'RE DISCOURAGED!!!
if you love the guitar and love playing the guitar don't sell it. you'll get better if you really want to. it's one thing if you hate playing music, or need to make rent but selling an instrument because you get discouraged is just stupid. if you quit everything that you get discouraged in you're just another quitter. you'll keep quitting every time you get frustrated at something in your life...

"getting off soapbox before i write a book"
its not like im quitting guitar....i just think i want to get something more "universal"?? idunno....or maybe just a new style? Im not sure. dont get me wrong i love how it plays....i think its just time for a change....
yeah, i understand that. i have the same guitar with the FR though. i love it. it's a lot more versatile than you think. i've played everything from death metal to funk to salsa with mine and i couldn't have asked for anything more. i've never sold any of my instruments. i couldn't bear to part with something that special to me.
Where exactly is the 951? Somewhere in LA, I assume?
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I should have specified...no trades, i think ive had 12 kids ask me to trade for their ipods and bicycles and stuff lol