hey you folks from the philly area.

on sunday, august 24th, the sneaky sea lions are having their cd release show at the troc. these cool guys have invited my band and a few others from the area to join them, making a super sunday ska fest! so if you live in the area and have nothing to do on sunday, i suggest you stop in and pick up a ticket for 10 bucks and enjoy some local ska music.


check these cool guys out for a taste of what the show will be like! if you like them, check out the rest of us at the show.

keep skanking!
I ****ing LOVE the Sneaky Sea Lions, they're from around me
I have their demo, and it's awesome.
Unfortunately, I won't be able to make it, so have fun at the show, man
Let me know how it is, a Sea Lions show is always great : D
true that my friend, theyre cool people too. its ashame you cant make it, let your friends know about the show though!
Yea, I wish I could. My sister's birthday, plus no ride and such =\
I'll make sure everyone knows though
I hope I can grab a CD from them soon!