Hey guys, I'm currently using a JMP-1 preamp and was looking for a rack effect unit. But now I get an opportunity to have a Rocktron Chameleon at a ridiculous price. The chameleon has standard effects (delay reverb chorus flange etc), compression sustainer, hush noise gate all included in it. Could I use the chameleon as a effect unit without it affecting my tone (too digital) or would I still be better with a rack effect unit for double the price? Thanks
Well like most effect processors, its not going to sound exactly like the pedals, or whatever its modeling. I havent used one personally, but I hear grat things about it.
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I would probably use the JMP-1 with the chameleon in the effects loop, clean sound on the chameleon and all EQ settings in the middle, then adding the effects on top. Would it still alter my tone more than an effect-only unit?
I would buy individual pedals and get a nice midi setup. Endless possiblities
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