I have a Peavey Valveking 112 and I've heard that you can really improve the sound if you buy a new speaker and new tubes, but I've recently come across a 24 year old Marshall JCM combo for about $950 AUD, should I sell the Valveking and buy the Marshall or just replace the speaker?
the old marshall's are just amazing...buy that one.
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Actually, nevermind, I'm not allowed to buy the amp, not even with my own money!

What the ****...

If you do fix the valveking tone please do an A/B on youtube for us. It didn't seem fixable to me when I heard it.
His mom is afraid he's going to keep trading in amplifiers and doesn't want him to do that.

Anyway, since you can't get the JCM, I think you should upgrade the VK.
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Yeah if you can't get a new amp, upgrade the speaker, and the valves if they aren't good or not to your liking.