Poll: Blue or gold-yellow-ish color
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blue w/ gold laces
17 61%
gold w/ blue laces
10 36%
Voters: 28.
So pit, I'm in need of new shoes, and I was thinking that I was gonna do a UG stlye converse with the blue and gold colors but I cant decide which to do
Blue with gold laces

or gold with blue laces
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And plz none of the Converse are lame ****...
edit: and i couldnt find any blue w/ gold laces and gold w/ blue laces on google so just imagine that the laces are colored
poll coming
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Gold with blue; blue chucks are kinda boring, especially if you're going to be wearing blue jeans.
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No offense to UG... But blue and gold is an ugly combo
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No offense to UG... But blue and gold is an ugly combo

But in all seriousness, I agree with vintage x metal.
Gold. The blue would blend in with jeans. IMO, this is the lesser of two evils, I still don't really like the gold.