The Fender Lite Ash Tele is Korean made, and has a birdseye maple neck and seymour duncan pickups, but I am planning to change the pickups on the guitar anyways. Which is the higher quality guitar, discounting the pickups? Also, does Korea generally build better quality Fenders than Mexico?
I have lite ash telecaster and the only difference I've noticed is that some MIM teles have Kluson tuners and lite ash's have very good duncan pups.
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My friend owns a Fender Lite Ash Strat and damn, it is one great guitar. The birdseye maple fretboard is very sexy, it has a great snappy tone due to the alder + maple ness, and the Seymour Duncan pickups offer decent tones even through a Vox AD30VT.
Im gonna be getting a Fender Lite Ash Tele this month. Ive heard bad things about quality control (some are really nice to play and others are crap) But for like £30 more then a MIM you get decent SD pups and a sexy birdseye maple neck. I'd go for a lite ash but try and play it before you buy! What pickups are you getting?
Lite Ash Tele! DO IT.

Twice the guitar that the MIM is for £20 extra. Fantastic neck, feel and sound, I wouldve got one if I couldve found on on ebay in my budget, instead I went for an early 90s MIM tele, really puts the newer MIMs to shame.

Is a great guitar down on paper to, ash body, sexy birdseye neck, vintage 3 brass saddle bridge, £80 worth of pickups slapped into it, has the gorgeous tele twang, without the fat neck, (which I wasnt too comfortable with because of my womanly hands).

I seriously reccomend it over the MIM, a/b them, youll notice the difference by miles, just the fact its MIK makes it cheaper. But I do reccomend buying one in store not online, just so you can check out the QC on it.