Two days ago I bought the Roland Cube 15x. Since the the lead sounds are based on the Boss DS1, SD1, MT2 and MD2, which Boss pedals go in order?

Metal Stack



Rudy da Costa
ok, are those the channells on your amp?
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Seriously... roland is a part of boss. The cube is based off boss' effects. Did you seriously go out and buy 4 boss distortion pedals?

BOSS is a part of Roland.

what he's asking is what pedal is what channel on his amp.

Overdrive - SD1
Distortion - DS1
Metal Stack - MD2
Metal/R'fier - MT2

if you are sure its those 4 pedals, i think thats it.
Thanks thellamaking for your response. Is the clean channel based on the Roland JC-120?
Rudy da Costa
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