Hi, I have a Classic 30 with old(stock) tubes and a stock speaker. The tubes are about two years old, but were not played often. Would it help more to replace the speaker or the tubes? I also have stock pickups on my sz320. Would it do more for my tone to switch those out?

whack a Vintage 30 speaker in there, it will sound awesome.
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if you are going to get pick-ups i love the super distortion damarzio or the SD-1 (seymor duncan)

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Mike Soldano says: Speaker swap.
both eventually but speaker first

dont put a vintage 30 in! it will sound like dick

maybe a celestion g12h or an eminence red fang
vintage 30 is a great speaker but it´s not sure it is the right one for you...celestion alnico blues maybe? they do cost pretty damn much though....eminence have some great speakers too!

a tube change will affect your tone, but i think a speaker swap is better for you right now!
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