hi guys so i'm going to a new school this year for grade 11 and i'm going to audition for the jazz band to play guitar. So i was wondering if anyone has been in a high school band playing guitar and could tell me what i would be expected to know and what i'd mostly be playing for like comping or the songs melody. I know all the basic theory like major/minor scales and modes and how to construt chords. And as for reading music I can't sightread I would have to sit and work it out or 5 to 10 minutes to play it. Is that good enough?thanks
Almost all comping. Might take an occasional solo. Just know a couple scales and stuff for the audition you probably won't have to use again in the class(I was asked to play 3 blues scales, a couple major scales, and maybe an arpeggio or two). You might occasionally have an actual line written out you have to play but it'll generally be chords. Know a few voicings for the basic 7th chords, as well as 6ths.
At least at my school, the sight reading was just a chord chart. I doubt you'll have to read anything even remotely complex.
Listen to Freddie Greene and learn how he comped in the Count Basie band and the shell voicings he used because that's what has become the standard role for the guitar in a jazz band.
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Just practice your 'jazzy' chords. If you haven't soloed much you can always write a basic scale melody beforehand, then slide it up & down to match the chords. Chances are if there's any soloing at the audition it's the 12-bar blues:

I - I - I - I
IV - IV - I - I
V - IV - I - I
I'm not so sure about these other guys saying you won't have to sight-read - in my high school's Jazz Band, the material is pretty tough. Large portions of the songs I'm expected to sight read include lines of melody. When I was first starting out, though, it would take me 5-10 minutes to figure out. I just tried to slowly learn it while the rest of the class sight-read the piece start to finish. It irritated the teacher, but she understood. You could do that. Besides, give it time, and you'll be able to sight-read with the class.
Hey bradleysmith,
I recommend Guitar Freak Workstation with SightReader Master.
It's totally adjustable to the users level and works on reading notes with rhythms. I've looked around and there's nothing for guitar or bass software that deals with sight-reading but this. The download site with some info is www.prolevelguitar.com
PS it does chords as well. From what I can see, you can upgrade the software to a whole bunch of tools I haven't seen before... there's some videos on them.
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