Gibson experts I need your help. How was quality control in and around 1980. Now I know even in considerably bad eras of a company you can still find gems but I wanna know in general how it was. I could possibly be making a trip to check out a 1980 black beauty and just wanna know the odds of me finding a quality made guitar(the owner says he's taken great care of it and only has slight fret wear and buckle rash and has never had to get a single repair done)
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I have no clue about this one! If you can afford to go check it out I would.
I have a Gibson acoustic from 1963 and I had to have the bridge fixed on it, but besides that it is in great shape and has lasted 45 years. Sorry I wish I could help more.
They will be good, Gibsons quality are mostly good, and always have been.

Most of the people who says the quality is rubbish, mainly hasn't played one. So yeah, it'll be good.
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Most of the people who says the quality is rubbish, mainly hasn't played one.


someones clearly played a bad egg (or made something up) somewhere down the line, cried about it on the internet and all the 15 year old kids (read: sheep) have been brainwashed into preaching this slander.

makes me a sad panda.
I own an '89 Explorer thats clearly went through a ton of abuse before I bought it last year and it still plays and sounds awesome. If you want an 80's Gibson it should be fine. I've never really come across a used one that was bad either.
I've only played one Gibson les Paul, it was a beat to hell studio, and it was still better than any epiphone I've ever touched. It was interesting cuz I didnt wanna touch a gibby lp until I thought I was far enough along to truly appreciate it and I was blown away last week when I played this dudes old beat up studio.

But I always here people talking crap on here about their quilty so I was just a little concerned over wasting gas money to see a lemon but I'll find out tomorrow when I check it out.
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beat up studios rule!

I played an 80's LP standard (the first gibson I ever played infact) and it was probably one of the best guitars I've ever played (infact it was the best).

I forget the exact year though if I'm honest.
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there are bad years for gibson. 52 les paul (first year made, heavy as hell with big ass neck) isn't worth anywhere near half as much as a 57 or 59. and like during the norlin era, for example (sometime in 70's to 80's). les pauls weren't made the same during those years. the bodies weren't solid mahogany with maple top. they were multiple pieces of mahogany with multiple pieces of maple. the necks weren't one piece either. they were made of 3 pieces. i don't know about you guys, but i think a guitar sounds hella better when its a solid one piece of wood then a bunch of them glued together. keep that in mind when you check it out, and the value. a gibson made in that era aren't worth as much as before and after norlin sold gibson back to gibson.

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And just to say, as I said in another thread, Gibsons are and have always been very expensive guitars, costing hundreds of pounds more than Fenders. In 1978, a Fender Standard Strat (USA made, the MIMs weren't introduced till 1987) costed £250 (which is about £900), while a Gibson costed £400+ (£1500+). So they have always been more expenisive. And, people have always complained about the quality of them too, which has remained pretty constant, and pretty much on the good side.

So yeah.
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I have a '77, which is fairly close. Its a fantastic guitar really.
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Most of the people who says the quality is rubbish, mainly hasn't played one. So yeah, it'll be good.

bull**** on that. have you even played any of the modern standards? I'll admit i found a few good ones, but the majority were crafted shoddier than my studio.
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Shredhead's advice is the best in the thread.

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Gibson made a lot of low end crap in the 80s. I think the quality leaked into some of their nicer stuff. A lot of the ones I've seen had crappy looking tops and hardware. Fender and Gibson where down in the pits by the late 70s and early 80s, but both started to rebound by the middle of the decade... cut the crap, simplified things, started putting in better hardware, etc so they could compete with Jackson, Charvel, and Kramer. 1980... I would be kind of concerned. Make sure the hardware has held together well. Also be sure the finish is nice without any issues. Keep in mind that is around the time they started swiss-cheesing them to save weight.

As easily as you could call someone a sheep for saying Gibson and Fender had good quality in the 70s/80s, you could call someone a fanboy for saying otherwise. There is a reason they started going after the Japanese companies in the late 70s... a lot of it was better then comparable US made guitars, which were falling in quality. That said, up until CnC machines became common in the Mid to late 80s, there were very few companies that weren't scatter shot in quality, Peavey, Charvel/Jackson, Anderson, Kramer, and Ibanez being some of the notable exceptions
I have an 1979 gibson les paul custom and its real nice, great tone and smooth action. I'm not sure if its the same as an '80 but it can't be much different. Nothing wrong at all with mine.