Time to upload my newest creation here. I don't know what genre this falls into, so if anyone who is a genre-genious would like to help me out, I would love that!

I'm probably going to record this song in a few days, I just need to know what to do with the solo, since I'm no shredder and can barely play that stuff at 70%.

But overall, I'm pretty happy with the song. What do you think about it? Crit for crit!
critting as I here.

intro was cool.

Nice heavy riffs next. sweet bass after the intro also.

The dissonant part sounded cool.

nice technical stuff after that.

The drums are pretty complex also.

The leads are sweet!

overall, great song. 8.75/10
It is pretty nice. Sounds thrash metalish to me. Sometimes it are places I feel doesn't fit, but I don't know so much about trash metal maybe they use that kinda stuff.
Otherwise, it seems you got a whole song. I liked most of the leads and also the solo was awesome. Rating: 8,75/10

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And with these wings
We'll set the world on fire
Fly with me through scorching skies
You and I - The lie of lies"

-Symphony X
I like the intro first kinda dark and then melodic... the second riff is kinda standard but i like it... i like ur progressive and technical influences love the solo ur main riff is like the doubel pedal and the other drums 9.3/10