Heres another new one I came up with today. Its finished bassickly. I just need to add bass and maybe some more rhythym guitar. C4C like ussuall
song 20.zip
Heavy man... like the progressive chords... i love the riffs... about 5 months ago i hated metalcore but now i undersatand the good things about it... as long i´ts not a direct rip off like BFMV i like all the riffs

Drums: 8/10
Guitar: 9/10


Hey, let me start by saying thanks for that awesome critic on my Rise of the Dark Angel, symphonic metal piece.

I think the intro guitar was good but somehow the drums didn't fit. That was the only thing i didn't like. I suggest fixing the drums a little

I am gonna suggest Guitar 2 gets a bit more to play, if playing this with a band the second guitarist would be dying to get to play something So if you can add something, it would be nice.
Also I'd go for adding bass it gives the song more character.

This piece is very good, but needs more riffs/rythm for Guitar 2 and it would be even better with Bass.

(Don't misunderstand me, I like this piece and I am not trying to put you down or saying it is bad, It is really good. I am just giving you tips. I am just trying to help.)

Again, thanks for the critic on my work in progress song.

PS. PM me and let me know when this piece has been updated (if you do so).
"Fly with me forever high
And with these wings
We'll set the world on fire
Fly with me through scorching skies
You and I - The lie of lies"

-Symphony X
idk if thats what you intended. But i'd like to hear it FASTER ha(i only heard the midi i dont have gp in this computer). Great "break downs"