I got the guy down at my local music store to install some pickups for me because I dont trust my soldering skills. Cost $30

He installed an 'Air Norton neck' and 'Steves Special bridge'. My guitar is an RG prestige ibanez, it has two passive humbuckers and a piezo active pickup in the saddles. The air norton works and sounds great but the Steves Special has barely any noise at all and sounds like crap. It doesn't buzz but it only has like a quarter of the sound and it sounds bad.

Anyone know what he might of done to **** it up and how I can fix it? Just seeing if I can fix it myself instead of taking it back tomorrow. The guy seemed pretty dumb too.
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Make sure there's no shorts. Make sure that the white and black wires are soldered together and taped off. Green should be going to ground and be soldered to the back of a pot or something - being electrically connected with the ground coming from the output jack's ring. Red should be the hot, going to switch or volume knob.
TBH, I would demand my money back saying he hasn't done it properly. And it shows that he didn't check the guitar to see if he had done it right. You could fix it yourself but you paid him to do it. If he hasn't done his job, he should give you your money back.