Hi everyone. I already posted something similar to this up in UG, but the people that replied to me didn't seem to be any help at all.

I am looking for a new cheap axe, and I don't know what to get.

I want to see which one of these three you guys think are the best:

-Ibanez RG2EX1
-Ibanez RG5EX1
-Ibanez XPT700

They are all Ibanez, because I like that guitar brand.

Anyways, if you recommend other guitars, make sure it follows these guidelines:

-It has a whammy bar (tremolo arm)
-It has atleast 24 frets
-It is anywhere from $0 ~ $500

Thanks for helping, I'm looking forward to my replies~
get the RG2EX1
easily the best out of the three.
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Ibanez RG guitars are very good value and I can understand why you like them so much as I'm the same. Lower end versions have the Edge III trem and while it isn't the best available (what do you expect at that price point) it certainly isn't as bad as people often make out and unless you're giving the trem major use every night it should be fine. If, however, you do want to steer clear of an Edge III trem, why not consider something like the S320


It may only have 22 frets but it has the same Wizard II neck you seem to like, has a superior trem system in the ZR, is a very comfortable guitar to play and is crucially made of mahogany, which to my mind is a far better option to the basswood found on lower end RG guitars. Honestly, 2 frets are well worth sacrificing for this lot.
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Thank you all for your help~ I still need some more time to decide, but all of the guitars that you suggested were great~