always trying to be the hero and look what it got me

this lady and her husband and another person were freaking out cause this cat was about to give birth in the gym we were trying to close, everyone goes way outta portion, I yell at all of them "Get Up God Damnit" trying to help this lady up but as i reach out my hand she swats is away violently and quickly, and again. He says she has some kinda spastic disease but I wasnt falling for it, rather pissed off I threw the rest of my water in her face!... infuriated! she got up spastically reaching for my neck with unimaginable speed and strength, I dogged her once trying desperately to make my way out the door but the second time i wasnt so lucky. With the grip squeezing my neck harder and harder my dream become flashes of bits and pieces of her killing me until everything fades to black and all I hear is the soft sound of children singing a ballad in a minor key as I slowly open my eyes hoping I didnt fall into REM sleep, I awake.

and here I am not really able to sleep after that, theres was alot more to the beginning of the dream but only the end really scared the **** outta me.
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In a Freudian sense, this means you feel you try to help people and your assistance is unappreciated.

I thought in Freudian sense this meant that he has hidden angst issues, relating to his desire to f**k his mum.

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