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7 32%
3 14%
Yay and NAy
1 5%
NAhh it sucks. Worst ever
6 27%
They rule and should be gods
5 23%
Voters: 22.
[[SIZE=7]FONT=Arial Black] Hey. Airbourne Local Mebourne Boys have Been rockin and makin some cash. They have an Album out 'Runnin Wild' All of their songs rock!!!!!!!!.
Their Genre is pretty much the same as Ac/Dc or Pub rock or as i like to call it SLEEZE AND ROLL (lol). Many people say who have been to one of their shows it's like pooring 100 litres of beer into a jumbo jet engine with a wopping great After SHock that leaves you buzzing with exitement for a week.
Anyway Post what you think About this Awesome Band and let the world Know of these Awesome Guys.

When you post leave Your favourite song of theirs.


DanBourne (AIRBOURNE ROCK FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Rock on
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cheap wine
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they're pretty good.... aussie pub rocks the best... loving the new album by TLE... i might go look up some airbourne tabs now...
i went to their show here in winnipeg...
and the ****in rocked!!!

i got my beer cup signed by the whole band and i got a nice epic with em...

best band to come out in the last 10 years!!!
biggest ACDC/Jet rip-off in the last decade you mean
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Quote by druz15_UG
biggest ACDC/Jet rip-off in the last decade you mean

No, they're not ACDC/Jet rip-offs, they're just AC/DC rip-offs. As are Jet.

And I don't know anything about Airbourne - I was going to get their album, but I got a Pearl Jam album instead.. =/ Also, isn't there an Airbourne thread already? These pop up every other day.. I swear there's about four or five of these threads, actually.
If I wanted to listen to AC/DC I would listen to AC/DC. Airbourne need to prove to me that they have seem sense of originality before I start liking them.

What is it with Australia and unoriginal revival rock bands?
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another ac/dc clone, ac/dc aren't even that good anyway.
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I completely fail to see how a band that just completely rips off a much older band/style can be recognised as the best band of the past decade

In fact I think thats the stupidest ****ing thing i've heard for a while