Hey, just finished making another song, its on my profile and is called Nana

I was inspired by an anime im watching called Elfen lied, you should totally check it out, and as always i will C4C
Your first song keeps freezing on me, I cant seem to get past the first few seconds of the distorted guitar, which is too bad. Could you send me the file to check out?
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You should always listen to this bird-man-woman-thing.

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What the fuck man!? That's SWEET

I think I might actually use that!

I like the intro, it really hooked me in almost a trace-like way. At 1:37, I'd bring out the guitars that are playing on top more so that we can hear them better over the main riff. Solid main riff though. I'd put something over top that big middle part starting at 1:49 to 2:30, it gets a bit boring. Good built up after the soft part at 2:32. Maybe just don't start with that driving drum pattern right away at 3:13 - save it as you built up. And I like how it fades out with the mellow part in the outro. Good work, overall.

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