I'm kinda sick of not being in a band so yeah, if you're in one with no bassist in Newcastle, I'm interested.

Erm as for style, I love playing rock and stuff, interesting things, no dull AC/DC bass lines please. I play chilis when I'm bored cos they definitely don't have dull bass lines. But also I would be interested in METALLLLLL. My fave metal bands are Slipknot, KSE, Chimaira, CoB, Avenged Sevenfold, Saliva, Spineshank, Trivium, shit like that. So... reply
My folk metal band could do with a bassist
Dunno if you'd be interested in the music though.. (see sig)
My brother's obsessed with folk metal haha he keeps listening to Korpiklaani and Skyclad and shat lol. I'll take a look at your stuff.

EDIT: Actually your stuffs pretty damn cool lol. I don't see how I'd fit in with my short hair and non-metal style bass lol.
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