Hi folks,

Just bought an Ibanez AG95trd guitar and put some Dunlop .012 low tension strings on it (only brand in the store). now i have to do some setup.
Can anyone give me some realistic values for string action and neck relief ? i get fret buzz on the D string, and also on the G at times, when i go too low.

Be kind please, it's my first serious electric guitar and i only played a classic so far.
Any other advice is obviously welcome.
i suggest downloading the guitar manual from the ibanez website
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Out of curiosity what are you tuning the strings to?

If you're going to tune to E with that thing it would be really hard to play it..
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tuned to E.. i can live with that. i'll build some strength in my fingers at least
gadjo, unfortunately nobody can give you "realistic figures" for action and relief as every guitar will respond differently (even two guitars the same.)

setting up to compensate for heavier guage strings is done by adjusting then playing and repeating until your close. then you would leave it a month or so and repeat the process again. Adjusting for relief in particular takes time as the neck wont bow or straighten imediately after the truss rod adjustment, it can take month or 2 for it to settle.

its not difficult to do, it just takes a bit of thought, tweaking and time

if you want to PM me, i could give you a detailed explaination of how to do it.


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